our retail store is slowly transforming from christmas doves to hearts and love. one of the funnest things about my job, is coming up with new stamp designs. sadly, i’m a pathetic illustrator, so i can’t just whip up things as i think of them. but i do get to convey my ideas to the extremely talented cecelia harris for the wordsworth side of things, and to the wonderfully spirited sally noll for rubber soul designs. i can say “hey sally, what do you think about an airplane skywriting love?” and she’ll do her magic stuff and come back with something even better than what i imagined. (refer to the new love themed photo on the front page – see what i mean?) we have some very sweet designs that sally designed for our latest winter release, and you’ll soon see some new beauties from cecelia in our next release.

i’ve only just started playing with the new stamps (the OTHER great thing about my job) and i already have a definite favorite:

this new cat stamp makes me crazy happy. i used our leek and lime cardstock for this card. whenever i stamp our more solid animal stamps, i always use the tsukineko brilliance graphite black stamp pad – there is nothing like it for a good solid thick rich black. also used was a wordsworth favorite – hello friend – and our new stitched heart stamp. and although i psyched out my brother into thinking this was trimmed with ribbon, it’s really just a white gel pen that i dashed along the black trim.

we hope you are having a healthy and happy start to the new year!