Keep Calm and Carry On

 In 1939 (during World War II) the British Government’s Ministry of Information had 3 posters designed to be used to reassure the public during this very dark period of its history. The first 2 were quickly created and ended up in shop windows and everywhere that posters could be displayed. The third poster (“Keep Calm and Carry On”) was never officially distributed and was unseen by the public for 50 years. It showed up at Barter Books (Northumberlandin, Britain) in the bottom of a box filled with old books purchased at an auction. The owners of the shop, Stuart and Mary Manley, liked it so much they displayed the newly found poster in their store. Customers wanted to know where to get it.  So Stuart and Mary decided to produce the “Keep Calm” posters and have sold thousands. Now with their permission and blessings we have developed “Keep Calm and Carry On” rubber stamps and a button.  Then we found a delightful little book!  You know what to do now ...............just Keep Calm and Carry on!


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