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Posted by Fred Siegenthaler on July 08, 2009. Comments

Quote Card by Melissa Bickford

Another great card, using the Women’s Collection., by the very creative Melissa Bickford.
Thank you so much Melissa! Check out her blog, it’s great!

Posted by Fred Siegenthaler on June 19, 2009. Comments

We Are What We Do

Ain’t that true? I just noticed a new book in our store: “Change the World for Ten Bucks”. Being curious about how you can change the world for ten bucks, I opened it up to find all these cool things we can do to make this world a better place. The premise is that many people x many actions (even small ones) = big change. Then I noticed that there is a web site where you can track your actions and see how many others have performed the same one(s). The “We Are What We Do” movement also invites you to send pictures and stories of actions you’ve taken.

Posted by Fred Siegenthaler on June 08, 2009. Comments

Nice card Julie!

Check out the card below on Julie Masse’s Stampin’ with Julie blog. Great card, thanks Julie!

Posted by Fred Siegenthaler on June 01, 2009. Comments

Keep Calm and Carry On

In 1939 (during World War II) the British Government’s Ministry of Information had 3 posters designed to be used to reassure the public during this very dark period of its history. The first 2 were quickly created and ended up in shop windows and everywhere where posters could be displayed. The third poster (“Keep Calm and Carry On”) was never officially distributed and was unseen by the public for 50 years. It showed up at Barter Books (Northumberlandin, Britain) in the bottom of a box filled with old books purchased at an auction. The owners of the shop, Stuart and Mary Manley, liked it so much they displayed the newly found poster in their store. Customers wanted to know where to get it, so then Stuart and Mary decided to produce the “Keep Calm” posters and have sold thousands. Now with their permission and blessings we have developed “Keep Calm and Carry On” rubber stamps.

keep calm and carry on rubber stamps

Posted by Dani S on March 21, 2009. Comments


meet our guest blogger.

her name is emma, and she’s 6 years old.

this completely made our day here at rubber soul.

”This is a birthday card i made for my cousin jillian. first mommy gave me a piece of white paper and cut it small. then i stamped the frog in green and mommy helped me color the flower in pink and then i stamped it on the white paper. then mommy tied some pretty pink ribbon on that she got me. then mommy found some googly eyes and i glued them on the frog. then i stamped in green “you make my heart leap.” and that’s how i made my card.”

drop by her blog and say hello. we know she’d love it. thank you emma for using our stamps for your cousin’s card!

Posted by Dani S on February 19, 2009. Comments

love: let me count the ways

during saturday’s event (see previous post), i too wanted to participate and help make cards for the nursing home residents, but i was the one managing the store that day, so i couldn’t get too buried in the fun at the back table. realizing i’d have to keep it simple, i grabbed a few stamps, a few stamp pads, and set in on making cards in between customers at the front counter. one of the stamps i chose is from our recent new valentine release, the love hearts stamp. what i found was how limitless the possibilities are with this sweet stamp.

boy, talk about your quick and simple cards – no tape, no layers, no cutting. each took just a few minutes, and can be great solutions for some fast and easy valentines. they certainly satisfy my clean and simple sensibilities. hope they bring a bit of inspiration and cheer to you!

Posted by Dani S on February 05, 2009. Comments

Valentine's Event at Rubber Soul

every year, fifteen of them now, rubber soul has sponsored a day, just before christmas, for our customers to drop by and make cards for the residents of our local nursing home. but this year, because of the inclement and unpredictable weather, i decided to postpone it, and ask our customers to redirect their generous and creative energies to cards for valentine’s day. we held the event on saturday, and had lots of different stamps, papers and inks available for use. it was a great event, and i loved seeing all ages of creative souls side by side, creating from and for the heart.

of course, my favorite part of all is getting to be the one to deliver all of these pretties to the nursing home. i’m so grateful to all who participated!

Posted by Dani S on February 03, 2009. Comments

Welcome to the New Year!

our retail store is slowly transforming from christmas doves to hearts and love. one of the funnest things about my job, is coming up with new stamp designs. sadly, i’m a pathetic illustrator, so i can’t just whip up things as i think of them. but i do get to convey my ideas to the extremely talented cecelia harris for the wordsworth side of things, and to the wonderfully spirited sally noll for rubber soul designs. i can say “hey sally, what do you think about an airplane skywriting love?” and she’ll do her magic stuff and come back with something even better than what i imagined. (refer to the new love themed photo on the front page – see what i mean?) we have some very sweet designs that sally designed for our latest winter release, and you’ll soon see some new beauties from cecelia in our next release.

i’ve only just started playing with the new stamps (the OTHER great thing about my job) and i already have a definite favorite:

this new cat stamp makes me crazy happy. i used our leek and lime cardstock for this card. whenever i stamp our more solid animal stamps, i always use the tsukineko brilliance graphite black stamp pad – there is nothing like it for a good solid thick rich black. also used was a wordsworth favorite – hello friend – and our new stitched heart stamp. and although i psyched out my brother into thinking this was trimmed with ribbon, it’s really just a white gel pen that i dashed along the black trim.

we hope you are having a healthy and happy start to the new year!


Posted by Dani S on January 12, 2009. Comments

It's Snowing in Seattle!

...and we don’t know how to drive in snow!

Posted by Fred Siegenthaler on December 19, 2008. Comments